We've been pretty impressed with the licensed Thor movie toys we've seen from Hasbro and other manufacturers so far. How can we not celebrate the fact that kids will have untold options for bludgeoning each other with toy hammers this summer? They've been too soft for too long! Burger King, however, is the only place to get an Asgardian Rainbow "mood" Ring or an Asgardian Gleamin' Bracelet, though. Looks like I'll be chomping down BK Kids Meals for the next eight days straight to synch the warrior within with my softer side.Unlike many fast food chains, which segregate "boy" and "girl" toys via separate licenses, BK is providing Thor toys for both genders simultaneously. There's definitely still a clear division between the four toys designed with boys in mind (Thor, Loki and Destroyer action figures, along with a projectile-firing Mjolnir) and those intended for girls (glittery jewelry and a sticker-clad diary), but at least there's no shame in wearing a Sif headdress for either gender. She's tough as nails even with plastic headgear.

See each of the eight Thor BK Kids Meal below:

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