Art Asylum's been churning out Thor movie Minimates aplenty over the past few months, but most depicted characters that are readily peepable in promos. The toymaker's bestowed yet another blocky bevy of Thor business, however, that give Thorites a closer look at The Warriors Three, Sif and a Mjolnir-lifting Don Blake.Volstagg, Hogun, Fandral, Sif and Don Blake haven't been given a release date, so it's unknown when (and possibly even if) they'll be released. Minimates Headquarters speculates they could be part of either a box set or a second Toys"R"Us wave. Selling the Warriors Three and Sif would conform to AA's penchant for 4-packs, but in the meantime it's just nice to know they could hit toy shelves this summer.

If nothing else, these designs reveal that Volstagg will likely wield a honkin' battle axe in Thor. That's a thought that will keep me warm all winter long.


[Via Art Asylum]