It looks like the band's back together. After a week of speculation over Marvel's "I Am An Avenger" images, today Marvel verified Thor's spot on the team when the relaunched "Avengers" #1 hits in May.

In addition to rejoining the Avengers, artist John Romita Jr. seems to have added a few touches to Thor's threads - namely a pair of black gloves. The gloves seem to suit the god of thunder and don't clash with the rest of the team considering both Captain America and Iron Man have always sported handwear. He'll also have the option of slapping dudes in the face should the need arise to challenges anyone to a duel.

With the big three, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye on board, Marvel will likely have more faces to add to the fold as the relaunch ramps up. Could the other members include one of these bastions of the upcoming "Heroic Age?"