Thor's multimedia adventures as a full-grown thunder god can be caught at length in this summer's live action film and corresponding videogame tie-ins, but only Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Marvel Animation are digging into the Odinson's youth. On May 17 fans can peer into the past with Thor: Tales of Asgard, which follows a pre-Mjolnir Thor, his brother Loki and the Warriors Three on a quest for the Sword of Surtur. Like a lot of teenage intentions, however, things don't go according to plan and the crew wind up having to save Asgard from a Frost Giant invasion they inadvertently caused. See ComicsAlliance's exclusive clip of the icy foes springing to life after the jump.While aimed primarily at the all-ages crowd, Tales of Asgard has got a team with a legit track record for bringing all manner of comic characters to life in animation including director Sam Liu (All-Star Superman, Planet Hulk) supervising producer Craig Kyle (The Invincible Iron Man, Ultimate Avengers, Hulk Vs.) and screenwriter Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution, G.I. Joe: Renegades).

Thor: Tales of Asgard arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and digital (including on game consoles) May 17.

Catch the new clip below:

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