Marvel Comics is yet to officially confirm the return of Thor's former human host and onetime solo hero Eric Masterson, but it looks like a new "Thunderstrike" miniseries is on the way.

As reported by iFanboy, enterprising member of the Spider-Girl message board, danman007, uncovered what is likely the future of Thunderstrike on the guest line-up for October's New York Comic Con, where Tom DeFalco's bio currently lists the project as in-progress. What's more, Thunderstrike co-creator Ron Frenz is involved.

DeFalco confirmed the Thunderstrike series himself, breaking down the creative team and pointing out that the mini will take place in the current Marvel U.

Having been introduced to Thunderstrike before the more classic Thor as a kid, I've always had a soft spot for his '90s-tastic nature. Masterson's no more, however, which lead iFanboy to speculate that a Tstrike mini could focus on Masterson's son Kevin (who absorbed his father's mallet and took on the mantle himself in Marvel's MC2 universe). No matter how the details shake out, I definitely approve. Only a monster would oppose a move that takes us all one step closer to another "Thor Corps."

[Via iFanboy]

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