Ugo Santana will surprise you more the longer you look back through his portfolio. He draws some mean stripped-down black and white pieces with the same attention to detail that Chris Samnee uses, but he also has the ability to throw down some thick, killer Geof Darrow-style sketches, and on occasion you may see him break out a shiny Skeletor that looks like he could have been made by a young Boris Vallejo.

Santana's Batman and Hellboy experiments, including one that would look rather striking on a red T-shirt, can be seen on his deviantART account. The Brazilian illustrator has also done up a colorfully hypnotic Lion-O that would make a fine book cover.

Have a glance at the Santana samples that really got out Swords of Omens glowing below, and find out if you think he'd be a good fit to cover a Vertigo book or two down the road.

[Via Geek Art]