Not since Wolverine Art Appreciation Month more than a year ago have we seen the likes of the Logan paintings that Jon Foster's book cover class produced in tribute to George Pratt's "Wolverine: Netsuke" miniseries. These paintings take a dip into some classic Japanese artwork motifs and riff on Wolverine's mystical trip through feudal Japan after being visited in a dream by his former love interest Mariko Yashida.

The homages from Foster's students concentrate chiefly on the scene Pratt tackled during the opening of his 2002 miniseries, where Wolvie becomes aware of Mariko's spirit floating above him. You'll notice how dangerous it must be to sleep with your adamantium claws unsheathed, but have a scan over these artists' interpretations and you'll also pick up on some heavy Frank Miller flavors as well.

It's not every day that Marvel treats the world to a painted Wolverine comic, anyhow, so snikt on past the jump and find out which creators out of this class of art students you want to see cover his next limited-run adventure.

Robyn Ng

Rich Pelligrino

Anne Szabla

Lucas St. Martin

Josh Chodorow

Jennifer Horn

[Source: Super Punch]