Much was made of Disney's decision not to reissue the original Tron in advance of Tron: Legacy, allegedly over fears that the relative hokeyness of the 1982 film would make audiences less receptive to the incredibly expensive and far more sophisticated 2010 follow-up. Whether those concerns were warranted is something we can only debate, but we'll have a little more evidence thanks to Disney/Marvel Studios' incredibly brave decision to allow Captain America, the 1990 live-action film that has haunted everyone who's seen it, to rerelease on Blu-ray a month ahead of Captain America: The First Avenger's debut in cinemas.

If outdated sentimentality waylaid the original Tron, surely vicious horribleness should keep the last Captain America at bay? Well, the crucial difference here is that the Blu-ray coming out in May is the Director's Cut by Albert Pyun.According to legend, the 1990 Captain America was developed with the intention of making a good movie and not an astonishingly sh*tty one. Prolific B-movie mastermind Pyun was set to helm a big budget feature based on the classic Marvel hero, but finances fell through just before principal photography began. Consequently, major action sequences were abandoned and the film was "completed" on a pittance.


iO9 reports that Pyun's director's cut of Captain America clocks at 124 minutes (the original is only 97 minutes) and includes new scenes that make the film "more character-oriented and less 'superhero action.'" The cut is said to be based on Pyun's own 35mm work print and will screen at Fantasia in Montreal and the B Movie Celebration in September.

Given the historic badness of 1990's Captain America, we cannot help but feel a sense of dread as the arrival of an even longer version grows nearer. Hopefully Marvel and Disney know what they're doing.

[Via iO9]