It may seem blasphemous to commandeer The Smashing Pumpkins' definitive "Batman and Robin" (and more recently, "Watchmen") soundtrack jam "The End is the Beginning is the End" to describe Marvel Comics' publishing plan for their flagship super hero franchise, and that's fine because it totally is.

Anyway, following the events of the "Siege" storyline that's set to wrap in April, all of Marvel's Avengers titles are closing shop. "New," "Mighty," "Dark" and "The Initiative" will all cease publication in the wake of whatever shakes down after the good vs. evil dust settles.So what comes next? A relaunch? A new #1? Avengers titles with shiny new adjectives in them?

I'm with Robot 6, who predicts Marvel's "Heroic Age" wouldn't really live up to the name without at least a little bit of avenging (or Avengering, if you like fake words as much as I do) going on immediately after.

Besides, who wants to live in a world where Marvel's mightiest heroes can't rally around a righteous battle cry?