Press Release

July means summer – time to hit the beach! While others are reading suspenseful, romantic paperback novels, Archie Comics is offering an alternative: two digests full of intrigue with stories so thrilling, it takes multiple issues to tell the tales!

We begin with BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #153. If you haven't heard about "Bad Boy Trouble Yet," you haven't been paying attention! "Bad Boy Trouble" is the ground-breaking story that began in BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #151 and caused quite a stir, because it features Riverdale's teens in a whole new look! That's right, the flagship characters of Archie Comics are getting an extreme makeover, and the buzz is deafening! At this year's second annual blockbuster New York City Comic-Con, both fans and media alike swarmed the Archie Comics booth hoping to learn more about this major event. Is wild man Nick St. Clair the misunderstand romantic he's convinced Veronica he is, or the wolf in biker's clothing that her friends think he is? All will be revealed in the pages of BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST, so be sure to reserve your copy of this much-anticipated issue, drawn in the all-new realistic style everyone is talking about!

Over in the pages of TALES FROM RIVERDALE DIGEST #22, another intriguing, multi-part tale is taking shape. In fact, "Civil Chores Part One" is a story that may just set the Riverdale teens asunder! When Archie goes on strike to protest the many chores/low allowance imbalance, he finds he has a lot of allies prepared to join him in his cause. But when Jughead realizes a raise for Archie means more dates with the girls and less time to hang with him, he forms an uneasy alliance with Riverdale's sneakiest and shiftiest. Will these monetary politics prove to be a triumph or tribulation for Riverdale's teens? Don't miss the first part of this two-part tale, to be continued the following issue!

Last but not least comes an intriguing tale straight from the annals of real life - the thrilling debut of artist Bill Galvan! In 2006 Archie Comics conducted portfolio reviews in search of new talent. Bill showed up at the San Diego Comic-Con with portfolio in hand and homemade Jughead shirt on back, and before too long his desire to render the misadventures of the crowned one was evident! Impressed by Galvan's pencil samples, the Archie management team hired Galvan as their newest artist, and his first-published work appears in JUGHEAD & FRIENDS #22. In "Mission Improbable," a story written by fan-favorite George Gladir, Jughead is helping his mother manage their booth at the bake sale. Do the delicious desserts stand a chance of being sold with Jughead around? You won't believe the outrageous lengths Jughead goes to "take the cake!"

BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #153, ships 7/4. Full color digest format, $3.69 US. SCRIPT: Melanie J. Morgan. ART: Steven Butler.

TALES FROM RIVERDALE DIGEST #22, ships 7/11. Full color digest format, $2.49 US. SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz.

JUGHEAD & FRIENDS DIGEST #22, ships 7/25. Full color digest format, $2.49 US. SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Bill Galvan.