An increasingly giant amount of Attack on Titan toys is advancing on fans of Hajime Isayama's manga and corresponding anime. This past weekend at Wonder Festival in Japan, Good Smile Company unveiled upcoming Figma action figures for series protagonists Eren Yeager and his adopted sis Mikasa Ackerman, completely with their signature "3-D Maneuver Gear," which the characters use to swing around like Spider-Man and slash the necks of giants called Titans who seek to devour humankind inside their walled city. An unarticulated painted Figma prototype of the show's most iconic Colossal Titan antagonist was also on hand, sporting its skinless body and wonky proportions. Decidedly cuter prototypes for GSC's chibi-style Nendoroid AoT toys were on display too, including Mikasa, a mockup of Eren and the same Colossal Titan.

The biggest (apologies for the pun) challenge facing toymakers who take on AoT will of course be producing toys that are in-scale or close to in-scale. Compared to the roughly 5" Figma human toys, for example, you'd basically need to cosplay as a Titan to give them a true opponent. I suspect that if any of the Colossal Titans get the fully-articulated premium action figure treatment beyond the standard Figma scale, they'll likely take the Metroplex route and come with miniature human combatants. Or maybe the show will become popular enough to make a 1:1 Titan viable in a few decades ala the life-sized Gundam? They've already gotten a handle on a head!

Right now the best version has to be the Nendoroid Colossal Titan, who is shown to come packaged with a full walled city environment to play in, complete with smaller Titans and tiny humans.



Pricing and availability details haven't been announced for these figures yet, but fans can content themselves for now with a look at Attack on Titan toys shown at Wonder Festival, below.



[Via AmiAmi/Crunchyroll]