Chip Kidd's "Bat-Manga!" book opened up a lot of eyes to the licensed world of Japanese Batman comics, but some publishers and filmmakers in Vietnam and the Philippines weren't quite so concerned historically with copyright and trademark issues. Those less discerning types teamed the Caped Crusader with a tiny caveboy, pitted him against pantsless pirates and in Victor Wood's "Fight Batman Fight!" movie gave him an impressive gun.

Bat-appearances from Iran to Hong Kong turned up in a dredging spree on Bat Blog. These bootleg Bat-universe tales included such scenarios as Batman saving a red-gloved bootleg Superman from a green mud-monster who's been taking fashion tips from The Incredible Hulk and Hong Kong Batman looking on as a bootleg Ultraman dodges a mouth blast from a giant bug.

Batman screaming in a UFC-appropriate victory pose as a pink explosion shoots out of a tube-mouthed Jawa thing in a green robe might be the oddest appearance of all though.

Decide which one takes home the award for "weirdest" yourself after the jump.

[Via io9]