Previously released images of Marvel Select's upcoming War Machine action figure were entirely obscured, save for one photo of James "Rhodey" Rhodes' maskless face, revealing the lovely visage of Mr. Cheadle. Aside from that, the shadowed photograph basically made it look like a Don Cheadle action figure with a unicorn cannon forehead.

Things are starting to make more sense now, however, as Marvelous News revealed some new images of the War Machine action figure in the prototype phase. Which is to say, uncolored, but fully revealed otherwise. Given that the hero's color scheme is already pretty subdued in its final form, this is offers a very good idea of what the figure is going to ultimately look like.

Personally, I'm pretty impressed. I know I wasn't wild about Marvel Select's upcoming Deadpool prototype, but I think they've done a bang-up job on this sculpt. I'm a bit worried about War Machine oversaturation, but if every tie-in product has this level of coolness, I can get on board.