It was a week of highly charged controversy at ComicsAlliance, as guest-columnist Mark Pellegrini explored some of the Christian objections to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that arose during the TMNT's 90s heyday (in the letter columns of their old Archie Comics series, of all places), Andrew Wheeler took at look at the myth of the sexy superman and the lack of equal opportunity ogling in super-comics and a local TV station channeled the spirit of Wertham with an alarmed story on the content of the months-old DC relaunch (which doesn't differ much from the pre-relaunch content). Also: Other stuff happened.


-Chris Sims recommended the free Adventure Time eBook

-Aaron Colter presented the Best Webcomics Ever (This Week)

-David Brothers dug into Darwyn Cooke's Parker adaptations

-Lauren Davis rounded up 17 diary-format webcomics

-CA critics dug the new directions of Rob Liefeld's old Awesome properties taken in Prophet and Glory

-Sims called Mark Waid and company's "The Devil and The Details" story, which crossed-over from Amazing Spider-Man into Daredevil, the first great comic of the year

-Lauren Davis caught up on Gisèle Lagacé's NSFW webcomic Ménage à 3



-The first "volume" of R Stevens' webcomic Diesel Sweeties has been made available as a free eBook

-IDW will launch a new Popeye comic by Roger Langridge and Bruce Ozella in April


-Riika Auvien (watercolors of cartoon, video game and comics characters)

-Loston Wallace (pin-ups of cartoon and comics characters)

-Entries in LA's Gallery 1988's Adult Swim-inspired show

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week)

-Francesco Francavella's "Hellbrown" Peanuts/Hellboy mash-ups

-Mexican pulp cover art

-Yasmin Liang (superheroes, original characters)


-The "New 52" Batman will get an action figure from DC Direct

-Marvel's Fear Itself event/story will be commemorated in a line of Minimates

-Hasbro's Avengers toys from the upcoming movie will look like this


-FX passed on the Powers TV pilot as is, but they're considering ordering a rewrite and reshoots

-The CW is green-lighting work on a live-action Green Arrow pilot


-Moviefone's Eric Larnick spoke with Boondocks creator and cartoonist Aaron McGruder in a wide-ranging piece occasioned by the release of the film Red Tails, which McGruder co-wrote


-The guys from Let's Be Friends Again explain Donna Troy...or come as close as anyone can come to explaining Donna Troy (Warning: Strip includes images of Terry Long!)