The giant robots of Japan had better hide their stash of devil fruit, because "One Piece" creator Eiichira Oda's Straw Hat Pirates are coming to Kumamato Prefecture's Karashima Park by way of a sizeable ship.

Celebrating Oda's hugely successful manga and anime achievements, a citizens group in Kumamato convinced their prefecture assembly to erect a replica of the "One Piece" protagonists' arguably most iconic conveyance, a pirate ship by the name of Going Merry (a.k.a. the Merry Go here in the States). My crudely Photoshopped version of Mega Bloks' Going Merry sitting alongside random elements representing Kumamato aside, this project could prove fantastic at the right scale, especially in contrast with Karashima Park's more urban aspects.

A seaworthy version of the ship went on its maiden voyage back in '03, which established some considerable quality standards for future builders, but considering Japan's track record for constructing giant awesome anime landmarks, "One Piece's" most recognizable (even if eventually destroyed and replaced) ship could very well fit right in with the nation's giant robots and towering mobile suits.
[Via Jefusion]