Most aspiring drawers of a certain age have fond memories of being the best (or one of the best) artists in their fifth grade class -- impressing everyone with untraced Spider-Man doodles and, once in awhile, an Etch-A-Sketch design that actually looked like something other than random crazy zigs and zags.

As ComicMix pointed out earlier this autumn, the Etchasketchist blog, those memories are now meaningless. Just look at this sketch from the Iron Man mocie:

If you haven't already abandoned your dreams of Etch-A-Sketch superiority, check out a batch of other super hero inspired wheel-turned art after the jump...

The Etchiest Hulk Ever

It's that time of year Charlie Brown

MF Doom in the house, making comic book villains look like saints

Hellboy's somber visage reminds us that people - and demons - can be beautiful on the inside

This Joker just gives me goosebumps. Dead on.