Batman's so awesome that it's easy for us to imagine him playing PlayStation 3 quality games on his punch card Batcomputer as far back as 1964, but in reality, the processing power needed to replicate the Caped Crusading experience didn't exist on a widespread scale until relatively recently. That's no to say folks haven't been trying to make fun Batman games all along. Why, the first-ever Batman videogame on the ZX Spectrum (and other platforms) from Ocean Software by Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond left such an impression on fans in 1986, one dedicated programmer has worked all the way through 2010 to recreate the 3D isometric title for a entirely new generations.Developed by Tomaz Kac, Bat-Man is free to download and play on PC until DC Entertainment sees reason to intervene. Despite the game's shiny new graphics, it seems like Batman's handlers have little to fear from the release's old-school gameplay and happy-go-lucky take on the Dark Knight. Of course, there's always the off chance that the plot of Batman: Arkham City will center around collecting segments of a disassembled "Batcraft" through a boobytrapped Batcave in order to rescue Robin.

This is actually Kac's second take on the game, having released Watman for the DOS operating system and Game Boy Advance back in 2000, but the new version seems quite a bit more polished.

Compare gameplay videos from original title, Watman and its newest Bat-Man incarnation below:

[Via Joystiq]