In what may be the best "worst talent ever" we've seen in a while, the YouTuber known as UnderHero5 has amassed a collection of recordings of famous geek theme music recreated using only the "hand-fart noise" technique. Among his works are hand fart covers of John Williams' "The Imperial March" from Star Wars, the themes from Duck Tales and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and numerous video game cues from titles including Mega Man, Super Mario Bros., Contra and The Legend of Zelda.

Obviously it's critical that you listen to these at once, so click after the jump immediately.As of this writing, UnderHero5's videos have been seen nearly 1 million times. He describes himself as "your average technology obsessed gamer" and indicates that he has been making fart noises with his hands for approximately eight years, although the fart noise music has only been a concern for about six years. Unfortunately, UnderHero5 hasn't uploaded a new hand-fart music video in three years, which is an eternity in the afterlife of internet meme time. We regret not discovering this important artist while he was still alive, and know you will agree his work of is of great worth.

[Via Great White Snark]