When it comes to peripheral DIY merchandise, Matt Kindt knows how to do it up right. The creator's been dealing out "Super Spy" "cyanide" breath mints for awhile now, but his new Giant Man Mini Comic Spy Capsule might be his most charming offering to date.

Ripped from the pages of "3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man," the miniature spy capsule replicates the radio implanted in the ear of giant man and CIA agent Craig Pressgang's massive ear. Inside the capsule is a delightful minicomic that helps round out the character's relationship with his daughter.

Retailing for $5 at conventions and $6 on Kindt's Web site, the capsule has an extra layer of meaning now that "3 Story" is moving forward as a feature film at Warner Bros. under the direction of "Milk's" Dustin Lance Black. I'm not suggesting Black should insert one of these into his air to ensure a quality adaptation, but it might not be a bad idea to put one on his desk.

See Kindt's demo of the capsule during this past weekend's HeroesCon after the jump.