Inflatable Giant Robot Battle Fists / Minigun Arm

Price: $14.99 for two hands or one gun.

Available From: ThinkGeek

I think the desire to be a giant monster-fighting robot is something that we all share, right? It's a universal aspect of the Human Condition, but sadly, the technology's just not there yet, unless you happen to know a giant floating head in a jar who wants to hand out super-powers. Even then, a lot of us have sadly aged out of the "Teenagers With Attitudes' demographic.

Fortunately, ThinkGeek has the next best thing: Inflatable Robot Battle Fists!They're currently on sale for $14.99 for a set of two (left and right, naturally), and they're the next best thing to piloting your own Gundam. Even better, they're also offering a Minigun Arm that you can mix in for extra giant robot firepower (or just for Machine Girl cosplay), and there are even inflatable tentacle arms for twelve bucks if you'd rather be the monster (or engage in cosplay that I don't even want to think about).

ThinkGeek advises against using their inflatable battle fists to actually punch anything, but one assumes that a bit of good-natured bopping will be fine. Also, the tentacles are listed as "for external use only." Clever copywriters over there at ThinkGeek, huh?