Coffee Mugs Designed by Webcomic Artists

Publisher: TopatoCo

Price: $13 - $15

If you're one of those hated and feared mutants known as "morning people" -- or as I like to call you, "Daywalkers" -- then you have no trouble waking up, getting out of bed, and getting productive. The rest of us, however, usually need a little assistance, and there's no better way for webcomic fans to get their morning coffee than with one of TopatoCo's mugs, designed by webcomic artists like Kate Beaton, Christopher Hastings and Ryan North!The great thing about these mugs -- aside from the fact that they have a handle that allows you to handle hot liquids without burning your precious typing fingers, a design feature that today's freelance writers thank their ancestors for every day -- is that they bring the same level of cleverness to your beverage choices that their creators do to the page. I mean, I can't imagine not wanting to drink out of Glam Breakfast mug (above) that features Kate Beaton drawing David Bowie circa 1972.

That might just be me, though, but fortunately there are other choices available. Here's a few favorites:

Dr. McNinja creator Christopher Hastings accurately describes my relationship with coffee, through his favored medium of ninja combat:

Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics fame, gives you the perfect mug to sip from as you smirk at your former rivals. They laughed at you, but you'll show them. You'll show them all!

Kate Beaton brings the ongoing saga of her pirates and their longing looks to your breakfast...

...and also provides you with a way to express your love of hunks. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that the male staff members of ComicsAlliance provided the models for this one:

You can find all these and more in TopatoCo's section of Liquid Holders, including pint and shot glasses -- but if you're using those at breakfast, you may want to look into changing some things about your life. Keep in mind that a couple of designs are currently sold out, but they expect them back in stock pretty soon, so keep checking in, or poke around their online store for more cool stuff from great webcomic creators.