Hot Toys

People have OPINIONS about Man of Steel, but one thing I think fans can all agree on is that it was pretty tasteful of the movie not to make actor Michael Shannon echo Terence Stamp's iconic "Kneel before Zod" line from Superman II. Or maybe the movie could've used it? Whatever the case, now fans can recreate or totally not recreate whatever scenes they want from MoS thanks to Hot Toys' upcoming 1/6 scale General Zod figure. Packed with just a few spare pairs of hands and his spooky Prometheus-lookin' Kryptonian space Helmet, Zod's appropriately pretty Spartan. This seems to be a pattern with the MoS line from Hot Toys, which is putting more emphasis on sculpts and suits than a raw batch of accessories. I guess dudes like Batman and Tony Stark just tend to need more toys than DC's solar-powered race of super aliens.

Like Jor-El and Superman, Zod isn't expected to arrive in stores until sometime in 2014. Zod's Hot Toys price is currently sitting at around $240 at preorder sites.

You can see Hot Toys' upcoming 1/6 scale Zod from Man of Steel below.



Aren't you glad I made it all the way to the end of this post without making a wisecrack about how this figure's head is able to twist a full 360 degrees? Oh... nevermind.