Remember a few months before Iron Man 3 arrived in theaters and images of a white "Space Amor" toy popped up online, fueling rumors that ol' Tony Stark would potentially blast into the final frontier (an armor limitation that was a major plot point in previous films) and, I dunno, see The Guardians of the Galaxy in a post-credits scene or something? Well, that didn't happen -- or hasn't happened yet -- so the "Starboost (Mark XXXIX) Armor" is kinda just some toy jazz, but at least it's cool-looking toy jazz. Following releases from Hasbro, the white/gold/black armor will get a 1/6 scale release from Hot Toys in November... well after the GotG movie hits theaters in August.

The precise name of this armor has varied somewhat since its design was teased for the movie and mobile games and other less-than-canonical aspects of Iron Man 3's release. "Space armor" and "Mark 39 Sub Orbital Suit "Gemini" were the initial go-to monikers, but hey, "Starboost" seems to suit it just fine too. When your cool space suit's main purpose is getting torn in half by Extremis-ized dudes, what's in a name anyway?

All in all this HT figure seems to fare substantially better than its cinematic CGI counterpart. It comes equipped with two face masks, LED light-up palm/chest/thruster functionality, a flexible figure stand and six interchangeable hands.

Sideshow is currently offering the figure for around $270 on preorder, which is akin to the pricing on the other IM3 figures featuring diecast parts and electronic features.



[Via Hot Toys]