Among the least shocking titles you're liable to see on ComicsAlliance is the one on today's look at Jack Kirby Fantastic Four villains. Some, like The Impossible Man and The Hate Monger, have pointy heads. Some, like The Infant Terrible, just have explosive heads. And still others, like Kurrgo, just have abnormally large heads.

This much is for sure, Kirby knew how to design weirdos like no one else in comics, and it shows in the encyclopedic pages dug up by the Grantbridge Street & Other Misadventures blog. In these drawings, you can check out an overview of Kirby's artistic prowess on FF, which produced both brilliant, world famous characters like Doctor Doom and The Hulk and an untold number of unpublished characters as well.

Rama-Tut may be the best of the batch conceptually. And any ancient Egyptian-styled fellow from the future who claims to be descended from Doctor Doom and wields a gun with the authority that he does could only have been drawn and done just by one man. Find who your top pick is after the jump.

[Via The Comics Reporter]