In the midst of all the hubbub surrounding Wonder Woman's controversial costume design by DC Co-publisher Jim Lee and origin overhaul by J. Michael Straczynski, one interesting bit of trivia floated past our radar. As reminded by Lead Blogger Laura Hudson, the new Wonder Woman costume is actually Lee's second take on the character - the first being his 2001 redesign as part of the "Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe" comic series.

While Stan Lee and Jim Lee's collaboration was part of a self-contained alternate universe and by no means a part of mainstream DC continuity, the solar-powered heroine was still Wonder Woman by name. Sure, her design has a lot more in common with Promethea than the Amazon most fans recognize, but it's an interesting look at how Jim Lee has approached two very different WW stories in the past decade.

Hit the jump for some prime examples of Jim Lee's design in action across the "Just Imagine: Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe" line.