Ever since Kyle Starks finished The Legend of Ricky Thunder, the story of a pro wrestler whose world was shattered when he found out wrestling was fake but who still had to pull it together to defend the world from an alien invasion via single combat, I've been wondering what he was going to do next. He's done some shorter projects -- including a Wild Dog fan comic that was amazing -- and a ton of great illustrations for Tumblr, but I've been holding out hope that he'd announce another big project.

As it turns out, he did even better than that: Not only did he announce a new comic called Sexcastlea 180-page original graphic novel tribute to '80s action movies, but the whole thing is done and ready to print, and he's funding it now via Kickstarter.



As you may already know, the title is a reference to Sexton Hardcastle, a truly fantastic name briefly used by the WWE's Edge, and astonishingly enough, it is the least amazing thing about what Starks has done with this book. The story follows Shane Sexcastle, a tough-as-nails assassin who gets out of jail and swears that he's done killin... but killin' ain't done with him.

As Starks wrote on the Kickstarter page, it's the comic for people who wish there were more movies like Road House, and that's a demographic I fall into pretty squarely.



As of this writing, the book itself is completely done -- Starks waited until he was finished with the entire thing before launching the Kickstarter to fund the printing to minimize risks and make sure that everyone would in fact be getting their book -- and after one day, the project is already 75% funded, with less than $800 to go before he meets his goal. Backer rewards include black and white or watercolor commissions from Starks (I actually have one of each, both of Daniel Bryan, and they're great) along with the book itself, and stretch goals include temporary tattoos.

The tattoos are of nunchuks.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter video below, and rest assured: I'm only halfway through, and it's already my favorite comic of 2014: