Art: Project: Rooftop's JLA roster has finally been filled solid with some pretty fantastic new designs. [Robot6]

Hollywood: Emma Stone's casting as Gwen Stacy rather than Mary Jane has MTV pining for a natural redhead to play MJ once she's added to the cast. MTV's Lindsay Lohan comments are especially funny. [MTV Splash Page]

Fonts: Underwire looks at the PlayStation font's effects on comics and other media with some pretty cool insights (The "Spider-Man" movies, anyone?). [Underwire]

Art: Bryan Lee O'Malley's upcoming "Scott Pilgrim" variant poster from the upcoming SP box set has everything you want. I promise. [Robot6]

Cosplay: LA Weekly has rounded up a gallery of cute girls dressed as Pikachu just in time for NYCC and its sister show NYAF. We promise not to judge you for clicking. [Topless Robot]

Toys: NYCC's exclusive White Lantern Hal Jordan is among a few GL-related exclusives that'll be circulating at today's show. Just... be prepared to read some fine print. [Toynewsi]

Antiques: This tin Batmobile may not have gotten all the colors right, but, by golly, it's got heart. [Superpunch]