Our sincerest congratulations to Mark Waid on the occasion of his 25th anniversary as a comic book professional. As Waid noted on his blog, the anniversary went almost unnoticed, but it was August 3, 1987 that marked his first day as an Associate Editor at DC Comics. In the time since, Waid has written some of superhero comics' most enduring stories, including definitive runs on The Flash for DC and Fantastic Four for Marvel, and co-creating the perennial hit Kingdom Come with Alex Ross. More recently, Waid wrapped up his acclaimed creator-owned series Irredeemable, launched Thrillbent, a new digital comics imprint, and helped reintroduce Daredevil to massive acclaim.On a more personal note, several ComicsAlliance contributors owe their love for the medium and many of its iconic characters to Waid's work in the 1990s, with some of us identifying his and Humberto Ramos' Impulse #3 as our favorite single-issue comic of all time. More on that in the near future, you can count on it.

Well done, Mr. Waid. And thanks.

For more on his 25th anniversary, you can read a very amusing remembrance of Waid's early days at DC over at his website.