This morning, the DC Universe blog revealed Mike Mignola's variant cover for the upcoming "Batman" #700, where the "Hellboy" creator recreates "Detective Comics" #138, and while it sadly lacks the original's blurb touting an exciting new story of Western lawman, Pow Wow Smith, it's still pretty darn awesome.

So awesome that I got to wondering what it would be like if Mignola decided to do "cover versions" of other classic Batman covers. It probably won't happen anytime soon, but if it does, these are the ten that need to happen!

The surrealist logo-design on "Batman" #31 is pretty eye-catching as it is, but Mignola's take on a gun-toting thug's sheer terror at being chased by an infinite stream of Batman logos would be fantastic.

While Mignola's mostly known for having Hellboy punch out monsters, there can be a lot of emotional weight to what he draws, which would make a depressed Batman slouching his way through the streets of Gotham City perfect for him, even if his glowing head makes it look like he's having relationship problems with Scott Pilgrim.

Being turned into two-dimensional characters is probably not as threatening for comics characters as it should've been, but that's beside the point. What matters is that the Rainbow Creature--despite being, you know, a Rainbow Creature--is a pretty solid design for a monster that Mignola could do wonders with.

We've already seen the Batmen of All Nations drawn beautifully by JH Williams in Grant Morrison's "Black Glove" storyline, but as that sadly lacked a giant scowling Batman head and a terrified Frenchman in a pink polka-dot neckerchief, I think it's worth another shot.

In the right circumstances, an alien in a purple checked suit shooting lighting out of his belt while his face gets pulled off could be really, really creepy. Clearly, the '50s were not those circumstances.

Not gonna lie, folks: I just want to see more of Batman's future space boombox.

Creepy talking objects and people getting punched so hard their feet leave the ground would seem to be a natural fit for Mignola.

Now that I'm looking at it, I'm not sure this isn't something Mike Mignola's drawn before.

Invisible Robots. A giant-headed wizard in a snappy orange suit. This one pretty much speaks for itself.

And finally, the one I want to see most of all...

Unlike most of the covers, the challenge with this one wouldn't be making it creepier, but rather finding a way to make a giant, clawed, distressingly shirtless Joker as creepy as it already is. But if anybody could do it, Mignola can.