Feel free to debate this point, but you know how the 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. film ("This ain't no game!") tried to make everybody look all serious and ended up making most of the Mario-verse unrecognizable? Well, Mike Puncekar did a much better job. His series of paintings cast Mario's foes, Pokémon and more in a much more Ben Templesmith-style light for a series of illustrations suited for fans who appreciate brooding, beautiful colors.Over on Puncekar's Blogspot blog, you'll see some mesmerizingly creepy brushwork and a couple of Boo and Goomba pieces that would blend right in with a Hellboy story. And Puncekar obviously has some Hellboy love in his sensibilities, because he's got a fine portrait of the big red demon in his portfolio as well.

Don't look at his Pokémon or Piranha Plants right before you go to bed, or you may be in for some nasty dreams. If you happen to be 100-percent awake, though, check out his charming uglies in all their glory below.