There's a whole lotta' Scott Pilgrim swag coming to San Diego this summer and much of it could inspire the collector within. Oni Press is set to roll out all-new prints, t-shirts, and more at this week's Comic-Con International in the kind of limited quantities fans of silk screened graphics live for.

Perhaps the biggest deal among the merchandise are Tiny Media Empires' four, 18X24" gig posters based on the fictional bands that populate the SP universe. There's a Sex Bob-omb print by artist Kevin Tong (Weezer, Wilco), a Clash At Demonhead print by TME founder Daniel Danger, a Crash and the Boys poster by Hellen Jo and a Kid Chameleon image designed by Aesthetic Apparatus. The posters will be collected into 200 sets and sold at the Oni Press Booth (#1833) for $120 per set. Additionally, 300 metallic ink variant copies of Tong's Sex Bob-omb poster will be available for $35 each.

What's more? Girls can pick up a shirt featuring Ramona Flowers doing her best impersonation of angry Johnny Cash for just $25. Get a good look at these selected offerings after the jump.

Ramona, you're going to offend somebody if you're not careful...