Zombie walks are a phenomenon by which dedicated nerds assemble, dress themselves from head-to-toe in the accoutrements of the undead before skulking around, oozing fake blood and guts, and begging innocent passersby for brains for the better part of an afternoon. The acitivty has been very popular over the last ten years, coinciding with resurrection in western popular culture of zombie literature and film like The Walking Dead, among other works.

Like all geeky celebrations of this type, participants try to outdo each other's costumes, makeup and props, making zombie walks a particularly gruesome cultural movement. The best (read: nastiest) we've yet seen may 2010's zombie walk in Paris, France, which was captured in a series of beautiful (read: disgusting) photographs by Live Rasoloarison.Paris-based photographer Live Rasoloarison was on hand in October of last year to capture some uncommonly excellent shots of the zombie walk participants, who have completely outclassed those of every other zombie walk we've seen. Aided no doubt by Rasoloarison's prodigious Photoshopping, the makeup, costumes and performance of the French zombies nevertheless demonstrates a dedication to the undead that even the most jingoistic of American undead cannot help but admire.

Below are some of our favorite shots from the 2010 Paris zombie walk. Check out more of this series here, and visit Live

Rasoloarison's website for more on this gifted artist.