You might think the electric high you experience after collecting 8 badges, toppling the Elite Four and besting your longtime rival justifies your cruel enslavement of 151-649 different types of pokémon, but just because you don't fit in a pocket doesn't mean you're not a monster. That's the message behind Poké Rights, Not Pokéfights (from the masterminds that brought you Pokémon Apokélypse) in which Ash, Misty, Brock and even Team Rocket denounce the forced fisticuffs of Pikachu and company. Prepare for guilt, and make it double, after the jump.The clip, sponsored by Genesis Matrix Video, hits you kind of like a double dose of NBC's classic "The More You Know" PSA campaign. In just one minute, the perceived innocence of the 15-year-old franchise will shatter down around you and cast an especially sinister light on its newest entries, Pokémon Black and White.

Noted Pokémaniac Chris Sims assures me that the ethics of pokébattling are profoundly explored in the two newest games. I haven't been able to play my copy yet (since some of us at CA have work to do), but I can assure you my empathy levels are super effective after watching this video.

See the Poké PSA below:

[Via Topless Robot]