As if the unreality of superpowers wasn't enough, it turns out there's another problem with the idea of being a real-life superhero: Being charged with assault by the very lawbreakers who you've sworn to protect society from. The latest example of proof that superheroes might work best in fictional surroundings is Bee Sting, a 36-year old Michigan-based vigilante and (now former) member of the Michigan Protectors group, who has been arrested and charged with felonious assault and possession of body armor while committing a violent felony after an altercation with a couple over how loud their motorbike was.Lt. Michael Odette of the Burton, MI Police told the MI Live website that Bee Sting approached the couple in the Twin Meadows Mobile Home Park in Burton around midnight one night last week to complain about the noise of his motorcycle, before the discussion "escalates and the subject, Mr. Bee Sting, according to our victim, points a gun at him." According to the complaint, the victim was able to grab the barrel of the gun and push it away before a shot was fired, hitting a nearby (vacant) trailer.

This isn't the first time that Bee String has found himself running afoul of the law; the police had previously run into the hero and his fellow Michigan Protectors when they were investigating a string of arson fires in the Twin Meadows park earlier this year. Odette said that the department, concerned about the effect the costumed vigilantes could have, had "discouraged [the park owner] from having these modern-day, self-proclaimed superheroes in the park because of what may happen."

Bee Sting's identity remains secret pending his arraignment; it's believed that he's an Iraq war veteran recovering from injuries.

[Via io9]