Making trailers for comic books has become fairly common practice over the past few years, but writer/director Dennis Liu and artist Jason Piperberg are taking the art to a whole new level with their video promoting their new, self-published series Raising Dion.

The series bills itself as "a superhero story from a parent's point of view," and focuses on a single mom named Nicole and her 7-year-old son, Dion, who has superpowers. A lot of superpowers: invisibility, plasma powers, teleportation, telekinesis and plenty more Nicole doesn't even know about yet. With the help of a filmmaker friend, she films Dion to try to understand his powers better. The comic story starts up when some mysterious, suit-wearing men show up (which you know mean nothing good)  and start tailing the family.

The trailer above focuses on the footage that Nicole has already grabbed, and it's quite a cool little story on its own. Plus, the acting and special effects are dynamite. Check it out. The part with the milk is especially cool, and the teleportation stuff is really well done.

The first issue of Raising Dion is available digitally (and for free) at Liu's website, and you can grab a print copy for $4 from IndyPlanet. All proceeds from sales of the issue will go toward producing the next one.