Remember a simpler time in the Marvel Universe when there weren't all kinds of multiverses flying around, there were just a bunch of different colored Hulks punching each other in the face? Kotobukiya remembers. Announced as the third and final San Diego Comic-Con exclusive from the Japanese collectible company, the Red She-Hulk Bishoujo recalls a time when the formerly departed Betty Ross was resurrected by the Leader after being in cryogenic stasis, and then imbued with the same powers that turned her father, Thunderbolt Ross, into the Red Hulk.

As Red She-Hulk, Betty gained some really outrageous strength and power; so much so that she could punch through dimensions. Think about that. Take your time. Hey, at least Jeph Loeb is consistent...-ly questionable. Anyway, Red She-Hulk actually makes a pretty decent variant figure on the existing She-Hulk Bishoujo, especially when you factor in the new sculpting incorporated to further differentiate her beyond the level of gamma-irradiated pigment in her skin.

For the most part, the figure is identical to the Jennifer Walters version, at least from a silhouette perspective. The pose is the same, and the muscles are all still popping at the same points. Where Red She-Hulk differs is in the face and swimsuit sculpt. The original statue was smiling and happy, whereas Red here is a bit more dour and serious. Additionally, She-Hulk's costume was a little less revealing than the v-cut swimsuit Red She-Hulk has on. Those changes are minor, but they are still changes nonetheless. Koto could just as easily released a mere repaint, and many wouldn't have batted an eye as the original sculpt was rather well done.

The Red She-Hulk Bishoujo will be available at SDCC this year, and if you're not able to attend, you can pre-order the figure on Friday, June 26 at Kotobukiya's online store beginning at 10AM PST. No price has been announced yet, but the standard She-Hulk Bishoujo retailed for $64.99 when it arrived.