If you're in Tokyo in September and have 6,800 yen ($68) to burn, you just might want to use that to see the brand-new, all-woman Sailor Moon stage musical opening Sept. 13. It'll recount the battles between the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom during its search for the Silver Crystal. The principal cast, personally picked by Sailor Moon manga creator Naoko Takeuchi, has taken a few photos in their costumes, and you have to admit they look solidly like their cartoon counterparts. See the full photo, plus one of Yūga Yamato as Tuxedo Mask, after the jump.



(Pictured, from right: Yū Takhashi as Sailor Jupiter, Miyabi Matsuura as Sailor Mercury, Satomi Ōkubo as Sailor Moon, Kanon Nanaki as Sailor Mars, Shiori Sakata as Sailor Venus)



[Via ANN]