Sakiroo Choi takes Norman Rockwell's classic Saturday Evening Post paintings and pulls at their rubbery masks, stretching them into unexpected cartoon tributes. That's when he isn't outfitting presidents, artists, fictional characters and celebrities with blazers, braces and giant lemon heads, or blending athlete animals with superheroes and villains.

Choi's art blends portraiture, cartooning, classic art from around the world, and surreal studies in shape and color. While his Behance profile shows an impressively varied illustration portfolio, he clearly has his obsessions: braces, lemons, world art and character design, all of which feature prominently in his Yellow Lemon project, in which he takes celebrities, historical figures and fictional characters and dresses each one in a blazer and gives him a lemon head and a devious brace-filled grin. There's a certain uniformity to the characters, but at the same time, there's no question as to which lemon-headed figure Choi means to portray.