The final piece of Sideshow's Superman: Red Son trinity has finally been revealed in full, as Red Son Batman makes his dramatic entrance alongside rivals Superman and Wonder Woman. As the only member of the classic DC trifecta to not be completely won over by the Communist ideals of Stalin's regime, Batman fights hard against the corruption his former friends enforce in this alternate universe. That's all thanks to his parents being gunned down by one of Superman's allies in Stalin's military. Of course, it's one thing for a billionaire to fight off Superman, but it's another entirely for one of the working class to take on the strongest being on the planet all by himself.

We got a look at the full prototype during San Diego Comic-Con, which did look nice, but we could only get so good a look at Batman behind its glass enclosure. Sideshow's released a bunch of new images showing the figure up close and personal. The mixed-media piece makes strong use of leather and canvas clothing to give Batmankoff his weathered and battered look. Where Superman's uniform being so simplistic works against the fabric materials just a bit, the tailoring and fine detail on Batman make the figure that much more impressive.

I wish the ushanka was made from fabric and not sculpted, but I can understand Sideshow's reasoning for keeping that a piece that's been rendered and cast. The fur lining would probably ended up not looking so fantastic, particularly after being boxed up or on display for long periods of time. This way Sideshow can control the complete look of the portrait, too. The grappling hook is a nice accessory, but it might have been cool to include an optional bomb trigger hand to mimic that key showdown with Batman and Superman.

Pre-orders will open on Oct. 1, with the figure set to retail for $489.99. The Wonder Woman Red Son statue is due in the summer of 2016, so I'd expect this to drop sometime in the fall next year.


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