If you fancy yourself a fan of Mark Millar, Dave Johnson and Killian Plunkett's Superman: Red Son, or you know, socialism in general, then Sideshow's newest premium format figure collection just might be the one you're looking for.

After the success of Sideshow's first pass at premium statues of DC's trinity, the company is at it again with one of the more recent and memorable Elseworlds' iterations, Superman: Red Son. First up is Superman in his alternate universe Soviet uniform. Rather than the traditional "S" emblem, he's got a big hammer and sickle smack in the middle of his chest, and the uniform overall is much more akin to what the military would wear versus Superman's typical garb.

As per usual, Sideshow's premium format series offers sculpted figures with mixed media assets. You can see from the pictures that while Superman and his cape and base are sculpted, his outfit and belt are tailored. The statue comes in at a healthy 25" tall, including the base, which will definitely make him one of the bigger Superman collectibles on the market.

Like the previous Sideshow figures based on the DC trinity, Red Son Superman is based on Kris Anka's design. It's a sharp piece, to be sure, and it definitely invokes some styling similar to Russian design at the time, while still staying true to the character. The Wonder Woman in this wave was teased in a promo image alongside Superman, but instead of getting an all-new figure like the Soviet Man of Steel, it will merely be a repaint of the previous Wonder Woman statue Anka designed. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; that statue was amazing. It would have been nice to get Wonder Woman in a different pose however. Batmankoff (I always pegged him for a Batmanski) will also join this series, but there haven't been any teases of what to expect just yet. He'll definitely be an all-new sculpt though.

The Red Son Superman will be available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles for $469.99.

Note: An earlier version of this article had the headline, 'Red Son Superman Statue Will Protect Your Home From the Proletariat'. We'd like to think he would protect you, if the proletariat was mad at you for your capitalist acquisition of unnecessary Superman statues, because he's Superman. But we understand if you don't feel worthy of Superman's protection.