It's unclear whether or not he'll be sporting rollerblades, but if new images from allgamesbeta are for legit (and they certainly look the part), it looks like Spider-Man 2009's futuristic world will be the third setting in Activision's upcoming "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions."

While Spider-Man 2099 has yet to pop up on the official "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" Web site, fans can probably count on catching a more expansive glimpse of Miguel O'Hara's masked identify before long. Given the difference in combat between the game's "Amazing" and "Noir" worlds, I'd imagine the unique abilities of the future Webslinger will involve some serious brawling.

With just one more "dimension" left to be revealed, it's a good time to review our own picks. 1602? Marvel Zombies? Spider-Ham? Only writer Dan Slott knows for sure for now, but time will tell.

Check out all four screen shots after the jump.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]