When it comes to Marvel action games, the iPhone's been a pretty scare locale for the House of Ideas' heroes save for a few "Iron Man" movie tie-ins. The publisher will get a pretty significant boost in inventory on September 2, however, with the release of Gameloft's "Spider-Man: Total Mayhem."

Marvel showed off a smattering of screen shots for the upcoming title yesterday, which seemingly demonstrate some of the game's more than 20 different fighting combos and a portion of its intrinsic web-slinging abilities. Spider-Man's in-game power set will also include spider-sense skills and a chargable energy meter.

Although the game will pit Spidey against many of his classic villains over the course of 12 3-D levels, the most prominently featured in the current crop of screen shots is Venom. Fans can play as a symbiote-clad Spidey in Activision's unrelated "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" title that's out just a few days later on September 7, but "Total Mayhem" seems to be the release for fighting Eddie Brock himself.

See some of Marvel's screen shots of the game after the jump.

[Via Marvel]