Stark Industries' non-weapons making subsidiaries have been breaking ground beneath the Stark Expo viral banner for weeks now by teasing possible "Iron Man 2" innovations. While waiting for the film's May 7 release date, fans have gotten to sample the civilian applications for certain components seemingly adapted from the Iron Man suit, which could come in handy when it comes time to attend a screening.

Accutech has been showing off haztech suits (along with a logo resembling a certain superhero team), Cordoco has repulsors and now Fujikawa presents shades that augment reality to the max. All three faux advertised innovations have fleshed out the kind of company Stark Industries has become since Tony renounced producing weapons, although not acquiring a suitcase company seems like a real missed opportunity.

Stark-Fujikawa's shades seem pretty dadburn advanced, but when it comes to looking stylish, I think most will stick to their smart phones for now. There's a reason Jean Grey's eyes wandered away from Cyclops, after all.

Check out the new video after the jump to see what you think of the shades within the context of IM2 (or even in our reality, where you'd likely be laughed at for wearing them).