The last few years have seen a number of fan-films produced by smaller production companies, for characters ranging from Black Panther to the Power Rangers. The films tend to reproduce the original costumes faithfully... before completely disregarding the original tone, style, and voice of the characters and comics in favor of gore and 'edginess'. Despite the popularity of fan films, not many of them actually tend to serve the stories they base themselves from.

But Judge Minty was different. Produced in 2013, this Judge Dredd fan-film immediately caught attention by actually proving itself to be something that fans of the serial would want to watch. Critically acclaimed and shown at film festivals throughout the year, the project was also received positively by creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra --- and it was that endorsement that led the team to set up a second fan-project, currently in production: Strontium Dog.

In a statement, co-director Steve Green explained how this new film came about:


It was a chance meeting with John at a convention that got the ball rolling. After seeing Minty, John mentioned that we should do Strontium Dog next. It was only a passing comment, but we took it as a ‘direct commandment’ and began work the next day.”


In the hands of Green, Steven Sterlacchini, and Daniel Carey-George, the not-for-profit fan-film will be called Search and Destroy, and has already seen further support from Ezquerra in particular, who commissioned the below piece to celebrate their reaching the halfway point of production.


Carlos Ezquerra


Strontium Dog, from Ezquerra, Wagner and Alan Grant, is the continuing story of a team of mutant bounty hunters in the far-future who track down criminals and lead them to justice. Led by Johnny Alpha (the one with the rad helmet), the series has been arguably the second-most successful in the history of 2000 AD, sitting alongside Judge Dredd as one of the most popular stories Tharg has ever overseen.



No release date has yet been given for the release of Search and Destroy.