Justice League of America #12 Goes Back to Press
Press Release
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #12, the final issue of the new series written by bestselling author Brad Meltzer, has sold out and is going back to press for a new, second printing.
"Issue #12 seemed so far away when we first started talking about it," says Group Editor Eddi…
This Week’s New Releases and Recommendations
Well, we're in week two of another five-Wednesday month which means that this month's releases are stretched a bit thin to account for the extra Wednesday. This amounts to just a couple of new books for me to recommend unreservedly this week, but there are a slew of new books on the racks,…
DC Group Therapy
This afternoon I have a better grasp of what to expect at a DC panel. No slides or videos. No lengthy speeches. No making us listen to people talk before getting to the audience Q&A. Nothing fancy. After a short round of introductions we go right to what most people want. Ou