Image At 25: How ‘Casanova’ Reminded Comics To Be Weird
Matt Fraction, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá's Casanova is a whirlwind of a comic, mixing espionage, family drama, and multiversal crises in one sleek and sexy drug-soaked package. Casanova launched in 2011 at a time when a lot of the industry was playing it relatively safe, and it felt l…
Thumbnail: ‘Casanova’ and Autobiography in Genre Comics
With Casanova: Acedia now underway, and a new collected edition of Casanova: Avaritia available, now is the perfect time to discuss one my favorite sub-sections of comics: semi-autobiographical genre books. Yeah, it's a real thing.

When you parse out the world of comics, there are these great …
Don’t Ask! Just Buy It! – April 4, 2012: Hero of the Beach
Reading Comics author Douglas Wolk runs down the hottest comics and graphic novels coming out this week.
* The Paul Masson principle
^ Somebody's read some Moorcock
% Supertasters
¢ Claret and/or carrots
Mark Waid and Khoi Pham are the creators behind this "no, rea…
ComicsAlliance’s 11 Best Comics of 2011, #8-7
As 2011 draws to close, ComicsAlliance has assembled its annual list of the best comics and graphic novels of the year, with the help and input of our editors, writers, and readers. Like any list, it is naturally subjective, but we've packed it chock full of eleven comics that have awed us, excited …

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