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Master Of The Long Game: Celebrating Chris Claremont
Few writers are as inextricably linked to one comics property as Chris Claremont with X-Men. It's understandable why, since he also wrote more X-Men comics than anyone else has even come close to. In addition to a mindblowing 16-year run on Uncanny X-Men, he also wrote New Mutants, Excalibur, W…
Screen & Page: Save The Day With ‘Big Hero 6′
Screen & Page usually looks at great anime that has made the transition to the manga page, but this week we're making another exception, this time for a North American animation that also made the jump to manga, Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 is not an anime, and the presence of Japanese character…
The Issue: A Very X-Men X-Mas in ‘Uncanny’ #143
What makes something a piece of Christmas culture? Does a late December setting qualify? Is a smattering of snow and tinsel enough? When that one friend tells you their favourite Christmas film is Die Hard or Gremlins, or if they're being especially stubborn, Iron Man 3, are they wrong?

See, C…

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