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The Great Super-Costume Poll: Spider-Men & Spider-Women
Costume design is one of the great strengths of the superhero genre, a way to establish distinctive visual shorthand for a character and reveal key details about concept, purpose, and personality. But which is the best superhero costume of all time? This month, we're asking you to decide, by vo…
Spider-Woman Episode #2 Preview
The second episode of the "Spider-Woman" motion comic comes out today on iTunes, and we've got a preview of the latest chapter of Jessica Drew's post-traumatic adventures in mean streets of Madripoor:
Spider-Woman Motion Comic Trailer Released
Patience is a virtue for Spider-Woman fans. When Jessica Drew made her comeback in the pages of Bendis' "New Avengers" back in 2005, the promise of a Bendis and Alex Maleev-helmed solo title seemed to float over through event after event, until it was eventually discovered tha…