Marvel Settles With Gary Friedrich Over Ghost Rider Rights
In what could only be considered a victory for Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich, Marvel Comics has apparently offered a settlement in his case against the publisher for ownership of the character.
Friedrich's attorney informed a federal judge in New York that the creator and Marvel have worked o…
The Ghost Rider Ownership Case Gets Fuzzier
A little over a year ago, a judge ordered Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich to renounce any claim to the character and fork over $17,000 to Marvelfor selling unlicensed Ghost Rider memorabilia at conventions. Now, the tables may have turned.
DC Settles Hair-Raising Lawsuit Over Superman Barber
First, DC Comics gets a victory in one Superman-related legal battle, now it's settling another: The publisher has come to an agreement with Supermen Fades-to-Fros, a Florida barbershop that was clearly inspired by the Man of Steel.Not only does the name of Reginal Jones' chain of shops - "the …

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