Mary Jane

Spider-Man Reaches Out On Day Four Of His 2010 Teaser
We've been following Marvel's Spidey teasers all week, and today's "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010" image seems to round out what fans have been waiting for.
Take a look at Day Four:
Aaaand the entire image thus far:
It looks like Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker just …
Spider-Man: Married to MJ Again! (In the Newspaper)
In case you hadn't heard, a little over a year ago, Spider-Man -- who married hot-redheaded model/actress Mary Jane in 1987 -- had his marriage magically dissolved by Mephisto, a.k.a. the Devil. This wasn't a divorce, mind you -- it changed reality so that the marriage had actually never h…
Beyond Mary Jane: Fashion Models in Marvel Comics
The new "Models, Inc." series is not a relaunch of the really bad '90s Fox drama, but a comic about famous models from Marvel Comics history -- and a murder mystery! Someone gets offed during fashion week in NYC, and the Marvel models -- including Spider-Man's Mary-Jane -- team up with TI…